Dropbox is home for keeping all your documents securely so that you can get access to it anywhere

rvadmin   March 23, 2017

At RV Consulting we encourage clients to create Drop Box account to put all documents for accounting/bookkeeping purposes. Then, the client share it with us so that we get access. We retrieve these documents and information to prepare financial statements which we send it back to the client again via Dropbox.

With Dropbox it is always safe and quick. Files can be restored if by incident it is delete/trash. Over 500 million people around the world reply on Dropbox to run their businesses.

To sign in freely on dropbox. Please visit www.dropbox.com

Steps to sign to dropbox. Please visit www.wikihow.com/Start-Using-Dropbox

Share your documents by inviting us rvconsultingltd@outlook.com

Once you send all your documents you can send us an email notifying us or you can simply chat with us online.